2018 Cyber Risk Survey Findings


Marsh & McLennan Agency surveyed 1,141 executives from small to middle-market organizations across North America. While almost 60% of these executives consider cyber security to be one of the top five risks facing their business, only 18% noted that their organizations have developed a cyber incident response plan. A common theme in the results is that there seems to be a gap between understanding the risk of a cyber breach and actually having a plan in place for when an incident occurs.

We’ve compiled a few of the key findings from the report. To download the full cyber risk report, click here.

Key Findings

  • Sixty-eight percent of respondents were concerned about business interruption posing a threat to their organization. For small to mid-size businesses, even a couple days offline could lead to significant financial damage. Cyber business interruption insurance can help minimize losses by providing funding during the network interruption.
  • Less than 40% of participants have performed gap assessments, phishing training, or penetration testing. These security practices are becoming more common and affordable, and some vendors and insurance policies even include these services.
  • Seventeen percent of those surveyed are not confident in their organization’s ability to manage, respond, and recover from a cyber incident. When asked about their confidence level, 6% indicated that they were unsure about their own company’s abilities. However, organizations that took preventative measures were more confident in their ability to handle an attack.
  • Thirty-six percent of executives don’t know what their organization is doing about cyber insurance. Of the 36% of respondents that have cyber insurance, none planned to discontinue their coverage.

While more companies have increased awareness of cyber risk and are purchasing cyber insurance, there continues to be a disconnect between concerns about cybersecurity and the necessary action to prevent or mitigate the impact of a cyber-attack. It’s crucial for businesses to understand their cyber risk and how they can protect themselves.

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Download “the Managing Cybersecurity: The Cyber Risk Protection Story” here.

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