Associate Spotlight: Nadine Varga

Posted by Daniela Posada, Corporate Recruiter on June 22, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Each quarter, Marsh & McLennan Agency recognizes employees who were caught delivering more than expected. Meet Nadine Varga, the Contract Administrator and Corporate Paralegal in our Support Division and learn more about why associates who go the distance decide to do so with Marsh & McLennan Agency.

Originally from New Jersey, Nadine Varga earned degrees in English and Political Science, which eventually spurred her career as a paralegal in Washington D.C. During her time in D.C., 9/11 struck the city and hit very close to home for her. After an emotionally intense time during the aftermath, Nadine began searching for jobs in California. She eventually moved out to Orange County where she learned litigation and fell in love with it.

While Nadine was searching for a role in an in-house legal department, she stumbled on B&B right at the perfect moment. Two weeks after she was hired, Nadine began working on due diligence for the MMA acquisition that took place in February 2014...and we couldn’t have done it without her! As our Contract Administrator and Corporate Paralegal, Nadine Varga now works closely with MMA Corporate Compliance.


Working at Marsh & McLennan Agency is a refreshing change for Nadine after working so many years at law firms that were driven solely by the bottom line. “I feel this company truly cares about their associates.  It is like working for a company with a heart.  With MMA,  there is more of an even exchange, where one nourishes the other. It is truly a living testament to this nourishment when you are surrounded by co-workers who have worked at Barney & Barney for 10, 20, 30, 40+ years.  This company is obviously doing something very right!”

Balancing Goals and Personal Life

“As an employee, I work hard for the benefit of MMA and MMA supports me in achieving my personal and professional growth potential, which in turn motivates me to work harder and succeed more.  I am both personally and professionally a better and happier person for working here.”

For Nadine, MMA has given her the work/life balance she never thought possible. As the mother of two children, ages 3 and 5, Nadine is allowed the flexibility to work from home on occasion when she needs to. Nadine is also highly involved in Voices for Children, a non-profit organization that pairs foster children with an advocate. MMA supports her volunteerism and made it possible for her to get involved with this organization.

What You Didn't Know

In college, Nadine was a scholarship athlete, swimming the 50, 100 and 200 sprint freestyle events. Another fun fact? She and her husband met on a group hike in Laguna Beach. After checking the roster and seeing that Nadine was from New Jersey, like him, he snuck on the hike and set out to meet her. It wasn’t until they were about to be married that her now-husband told her that their chance encounter wasn’t so chance after all!

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