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How to Save Your Benefits Program, Your Sanity, and a Tree

Posted by Chloe Seipel, Employee Benefits Communication Coordinator on August 2, 2016 at 7:45 AM
How to Save Your Benefits Program, Your Sanity, and a Tree

For growing companies, providing competitive benefits is more than a luxury.  It’s often the difference between bringing in and keeping the talented employees you need to run your organization.  And once your benefit program is in place, its value is only as strong as your employees’ understanding of and use of those benefits. 

Employees and Human Resources teams are busy.  Put all that busy-ness together and it’s easy to see why informing employees about all they need to know about their benefits can be a challenge. Scatter employees across different locations and the challenge multiplies. 

One of our growing, multi-state pharmaceutical clients was feeling this pain more than ever, stuck in the habit of providing 40-page printed benefit guides. With 450 employees spread throughout multiple locations across the US, these guides had to be mailed to each office, sometimes only to sit unopened on employees’ desks. Any time the company needed to update the benefit information, new guides had to be printed and re-distributed across the different locations all over again.

Recognizing our client’s need for a better solution, our employee benefits team recommended a digital solution: MMA'a proprietary iBenefits app for mobile phones. iBenefits would allow the company to easily send the latest benefits information directly to their employees’ mobile phones or iPads. The client decided to give it a go and MMA provided them with a myriad of employee communication materials to promote the app. The iBenefits mobile app quickly became an effective solution, giving employees real-time access to their benefits and improving employee engagement with the benefits process. And the employees loved it.

With iBenefits, this employer is now able to:

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