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Insurance for Construction Companies: Get to Know It Before You Need It

Posted by Dan Urias, Client Executive on May 21, 2018 at 10:00 AM
Insurance for Construction Companies: Get to Know It Before You Need It

“I love reading through my insurance policies!” — said almost no one ever. More often than not, companies correctly rely on their insurance broker to do so for them. However, if you ever experience a claim, you’ll want to be familiar with the workings of your policy.

It is vital to put in the time to assess exposures, limits, and deductibles to ensure your coverage will cover potential claims the construction industry is prone to. As a trusted partner, our job is to understand the exposures related to a specific trade and dig deeper to help address those of particular importance for our clients. No one knows your trade better than you, however, and working together we can ensure you are covered for just about anything.

Before you start the conversation with your broker, here are some tips on how to review your program and be better prepared to address any potential areas requiring further coverage:

1. Check the declarations page. The declarations page will show you a few important items such as the insured, effective dates, limits, deductibles, and premium information. If you notice anything incorrect, get in touch with your broker to correct it right away.

2. Review your exclusions. Exclusions are items that are NOT covered by your policy, unless they are specifically added back in by endorsement.

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