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Jessica Beatty, Senior Organizational Learning Specialist

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Want a Leading-Edge Workforce? Tap into Their Passion for Learning

By Jessica Beatty, Senior Organizational Learning Specialist

clock August 29, 2016 at 10:00 AM

According to Forbes, technology is changing so rapidly that the need for employees who can learn and adapt is outpacing the need for traditional “knowledge workers.”  Jacob Morgan, Forbes contributor, adds, “Alongside the growth of learning workers comes the growth of learning organizations. These organizations are led by learning workers who adapt and evolve as the industry changes. Instead of having a stiff business plan and set of processes, learning organizations value collaboration and innovation. As the future of work continues to take shape, learning organizations are the ones that will be leading the pack.”1

So, what does it mean to be a “learning organization” and what are some of the ways companies can encourage a leading-edge, learning culture?

In 2005, Marsh & McLennan Agency answered this question by forming a department dedicated to providing company-wide learning opportunities. Since its inception, our Organizational Learning department has developed educational programs using industry-leading methodologies and solutions that support our business strategies by improving leadership abilities, technical and systems knowledge, and personal and professional excellence.

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