Digital Health: Merging Healthcare, Life Science, and Technology

Posted by Brett Buchanan, Client Executive on April 30, 2018 at 10:00 AM

digital health-2.jpgThe healthcare industry is currently undergoing a major shift as the digital revolution continues to expand into every area of our lives. Companies are merging healthcare, life science, and technology to foster increased efficiency and better outcomes in the healthcare system. Many of our clients are at the forefront of this industry hailed as “digital health,” which is set to fundamentally change the entire healthcare landscape.

Startup Health recently disclosed that digital health just had its largest year of funding to date with a total of $11.5 billion invested and approximately 750 deals[1]. This investment has allowed many of our clients to take on new contracts and clients, expand services and product lines, move into new geographies, and grow their business.

As digital health companies continue to grow and expand, their liability, regulatory, and privacy risks constantly change because of the complexity of the industry. Recognizing this, Marsh & McLennan Agency recently launched a new practice dedicated to serving digital health companies by addressing their unique exposures.

To address some of these, we've created three risk 101 sheets for various industries. Download the PDFs below.

mHealth Risk 101

Telemedicine Risk 101

Healthcare IT Risk 101

Genomic Risk 101

MMA offers risk management solutions for:

  • Digital healthcare providers
  • mHealth or mobile health companies
  • Technology companies focused on digital health

By leveraging our experience and relationships, we’ve developed a full suite of property, liability, and health insurance solutions tailored to each stage of growth and the various company profiles.

At MMA, we handle risk and insurance needs, so you can focus on improving outcomes, increasing patient engagement, and reducing cost.

To learn more about digital health, visit or let us review your current policy by clicking the button below.

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[1] 2017 Startup Health Insights Global Digital Health Funding Report

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