Employee Benefits…There’s an App for that?

Posted by Shawn Pynes, Principal, Director of Employee Benefits Division on April 14, 2014 at 10:00 AM
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Your Employee Benefits Communication Solution in One Handheld Place

There is no denying it… We are glued to our phones these days. We constantly want to be in touch through email or text and enjoy surfing the web, playing Candy Crush, checking online banking, maybe dating and more. Even the health care industry is creeping onto our cellular and tablet devices. Insurance companies now have applications that allow members to schedule appointments and doctors can even use mobile apps to make treatment decisions. Crazy, huh?

To hit a little closer to home for you as an employer, companies are using the technology their employees already interact with to their advantage. They’re developing personalized apps to allow employees easy access to benefits communications, plan details and insurance company information.

Here at Marsh & McLennan Agency, we developed the iBenefits app. This provides employees with 24/7 access to customized  benefits information. Employers big and small are finding it useful in more ways than one. Specifically:

  • Employee Engagement: With access to benefits information at their fingertips and on the devices they already love, employees are engaging and learning about their benefit choices.
  • Time Saver: Thanks to “tap-to-call” capabilities that can direct plan participants instantly to whichever insurance company they need to contact, Human Resources feels relieved knowing that employees have an easy way to get in touch with a claims department and have their questions answered.
  • Reduced Expense: Rather than printing a 30 page benefits guide for every employee, companies are going green and also leveraging the “real-time” update features that exist with mobile sites and apps.

Furthermore, the app provides easy, effective communication to employees with push notification options and back-end analytics to help track employee engagement.

Now, we’re not saying you can solve your HR world with an app. But, it just might be time to ditch the old school paper and engage employees in your benefits program through the small shiny devices we call iPhones, Androids and tablets. The days of being tied to our gadgets will remain, so now is your chance to put mobile benefits communication into your employees’ hands. Learn more or find out why you need an employee benefits app.

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