Fleet Owners: Are You Hiring the Best of the Best?

Posted by Julie Gasper, CSP, CRIS, CRM, CIC on June 20, 2016 at 10:30 AM

fleet.jpgThat high-end cargo van or semi-truck may sport safety features such as a back-up camera or technology that cues the driver when they are drifting out of their lane, but smart fleet owners recognize that no feature matters more than a highly skilled, safe driver.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, between 2005 and 2007 ninety-four percent of all collisions were the result of driver error. Driver inattention and distraction accounted for almost half of those crashes. Fast forward to today when smartphones are grabbing the attention of drivers and the risks of distraction are even greater.

With life and property at stake, fleet owners cannot cut corners when screening drivers before hiring or monitoring their performance once they are on board.

To secure the best of the best for your fleet, consider implementing the following best practices as part of your Driver and Fleet Safety Program.

  1. Conduct criminal background checks. This will help unearth convictions for driving while intoxicated and other vehicle-related crimes.
  2. Evaluate motor vehicle records. Selecting good driver candidates is crucial to maintaining a successful fleet safety program. Motor Vehicle Reports give companies an idea of the risks or potential for loss that may exist. These should be checked for all new hires prior to authorizing them to drive on behalf of the company and again each year. To identify acceptable driving records and consistently enforce those policies, be sure to have a written set of criteria established.
  1. Verify past driving history and safety records. As part of your reference checks during the interview process, ask specifically about any driving-related concerns previous employers may have had. This will provide a more complete driver profile than motor vehicle records alone.
  2. Conduct your own tests. Passing driver's education is not just for teenagers and new drivers. Consider implementing your own written exam and road tests for drivers as part of your safe driver recruitment process.
  3. Verify commercial license certification. For drivers with special licenses that allow them to operate commercial vehicles, ensure those credentials are valid and up to date.

Marsh & McLennan Agency can help you manage risk while keeping your vehicle fleet safe. Contact us today for help optimizing your safe-driver initiatives.


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