How to Keep Working Remotely From Becoming a Pain in the Neck

Posted by Jeff Hulson, Director, Risk & Loss Advisors on April 6, 2017 at 8:00 AM

laptop woman.jpgThe flexibility to work anywhere, thanks to the magic of mobile devices and laptops, is mostly terrific except in one crucial way – the punishment it delivers to the human body when effective ergonomic practices are an afterthought.

That’s a real issue for employers as they try to accommodate employees who increasingly value work-life balance and the ability to get their job done outside of the office. A new survey by Bentley University in Massachusetts found that 78 percent of millennia employees want the ability to work from home, and 96 percent say they want flexible work schedules.

So how do employers ensure that a work area or work station outside of the office isn’t going to lead to problems? To find out, read the rest of the San Francisco Business Times article by clicking the button below.

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 *Originally published on San Francisco Business Times

Topics: Property + Casualty, Market Trends

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