Junior Achievement Volunteer Day

Posted by Claudette Linzey, Digital Media Specialist on March 24, 2014 at 10:00 AM
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Marsh & McLennan Agency Volunteers Inspire Tomorrow’s Leaders

On March 6th, a group of 14 volunteers from Marsh & McLennan Agency worked with Junior Achievement (JA) to teach students at Morning Creek Elementary about financial responsibility and the world of work for half of a school day. Topics included entrepreneurship, economics, workforce readiness, money management, and more. Volunteers received comprehensive lesson plans from JA but were encouraged to use their own personal experiences to get the students involved and excited about the topics.

Here’s what our MMA volunteers had to say about their experience in the classroom:

Mrs. Brown’s 5th grade class was awesome! They were eager to see what I had in store and all of the students participated. I introduced economic concepts and I was impressed by how intelligent and quickly they caught on to them. It was also apparent that each of the kids were tech savvy. I left the class in awe and with a new and profound appreciation for teachers.” – Allison Chalmers, Benefit Analyst


“At one point, I had my 4th graders brainstorm a type of business they could open, based on their location and resources. I was extremely impressed with their creative responses and how actively engaged each student was in the discussion. It was amazing to see their excitement and their thoughts coming together as they bounced ideas off of each other. I didn’t work on projects like these until I was in business school in college so I think that Junior Achievement does a great job of teaching students important lessons outside of the normal curriculum.” – Claudette Linzey, Communications Associate, Digital Media


JA recommends that volunteers begin by introducing themselves and telling students about your background.  I shared that I had been an owner in a business, but I was now a retired old guy. Later, as the students were leaving the room for recess, I noticed that a little boy named Maxwell was standing next to Mrs. Brennen and obviously was waiting for me.  He handed me a sticky note and said it was for me.  I waited until he left the room before Mrs. Brennen and I read the note, which said, "You are not a oold guy, you are a yong guy.  Maxwell" – Dan Nagle, former Principal

Junior Achievement programs are funded by local businesses, such as Marsh & McLennan Agency. Each year, MMA holds a bake sale at our San Diego office and hosts a Bowl-A-Thon to raise funds for JA. If you are interested in donating to JA in support of inspiring today’s youth to own their economic success, visit their website. To learn more about Barney & Barney’s community outreach and volunteerism, visit the Barney & Barney Foundation.

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