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Posted by Kari Crow, Health & Productivity Representative on June 6, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Many companies are discovering the benefits of encouraging a healthy lifestyle. According to Aflac’s 2015 Workforces Report, wellness programs contribute to overall job satisfaction and employees are less likely to look for new jobs when their company has a wellness program in place.  However, just like with personal health habits, it is one thing to know that something is good for the company and quite another to know exactly what to do and how to sustain it.

iStock_000051582070_Large.jpgAny organization, regardless of size or budget, can create a corporate culture that nourishes the development of Total Health for every employee.  It’s a matter of recognizing that your company is unique and what works for your company may or may not work for others and visa versa.  Whether you are just getting your wellness program off the ground or looking for ways to reinvigorate your current program,  we recommend surveying employees to find out what they are looking for in a wellness program.  You can design your own free survey using a free online survey provider like Survey Monkey. 

We also encourage our clients to have fun with their programs and come up with unique ideas that are suited for their culture and budget. Here are just a few ideas:

Health Fairs

An increasingly popular way to promote wellness in the office is to host a health fair. Here, employees can talk to carriers and get to know their benefit plans and enjoy various services and snacks that the vendors provide. Activities can include everything from derma skin scanning to golf swing analysis and often include prizes, a DJ and a photo booth to get everyone excited and involved. Hiring a health fair vendor to manage the event and bring in the external vendors takes the stress out of planning and ensures that you will have a fun and successful event.

Lunch & Learns

Lunch and Learns are a great way to educate employees on various wellness topics. Typically, an external expert will come in for an hour to teach everyone about a particular subject. Common topics include skincare, eating healthy, and stress reduction. The Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA) wellness team provides Lunch & Learn seminars for its wellness clients.

Wellness Challenges

Incorporating wellness challenges is a fun way to get employees active and involved. Companies can implement a wellness challenge by checking out these tips and tricks. Not up for it on your own? MMA's has a 3 track solution that offers resources that fuel results for companies looking for budget-friendly, easy to implement campaigns to highly customized programs. Our assessment tools will help guide you to a track best suited for your organization.

Other Inspiring Ideas

Depending on your resources, free gym memberships and on-site yoga classes  are helpful to employees, giving them a convenient way to exercise.  Companies can also provide healthy food options for their employees, such as organic food office delivery. With this type of benefit, employees have the option to purchase food boxes that are delivered to the office. This service is generally free to business owners and is an easy way to help keep employees happy and healthy.  Offering on-site chair massages is another way for employees to relax, unwind, reduce stress and stay focused while on the job.

These are just a few ways companies support the health and wellbeing of their associates.  Just like with a new fitness program, don’t expect to run a marathon overnight, but if you create a plan and follow through on a few ideas you can implement a program that works great for your company’s needs.  Soon, your company will reap the benefits of a healthy workforce.

Talk to us today about how we can help you design and implement an overall wellness plan for your employees.

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