Taming the Tech Beast: Introducing Marsh & McLennan Agency's Tech Advisor Service for Human Resources Professionals

Posted by Shawn Pynes, Principal, Director of Employee Benefits Division on April 25, 2016 at 10:00 AM
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The Affordable Care Act has imposed many new healthcare requirements impacting the already complex world of benefits administration and overloading human resources professionals even further. Employers have responded in a variety of ways, including implementing new technologies to manage the additional workload.

tech_advisor.jpgBut for many companies, particularly emerging and mid-tier companies, finding and implementing the right technology is easier said than done. With so many tech solutions, platforms and vendors out there, how do you arrive at the right choice? And once you have invested in a system, what happens if it’s just not working for your organization?

Recognizing the challenge, Marsh & McLennan Agency (MMA) is now offering a new Tech Advisor service.  The Tech Advisor team is designed to help organizations make decisions about the employee benefits technology that will work best for their specific needs and address challenges with their current systems. 

Expert, Unbiased Advice

MMA's new Tech Advisor team helps organizations evaluate new or existing technology investments and troubleshoot at any point in the process.  Our expert team supports four crucial areas:

  • Functional Requirements Assessment: The MMA team will document the functionality requirements for the desired technology and ensure that they are clearly articulated. Selecting a technology that works for you in the short- and long-term requires a comprehensive scope of work that fits your organization from the very beginning.
  • Vendor Selection: Based on the functionality assessment, our team will review and compare technology platforms, including the latest on the market, and recommend the best fit. We are continually evaluating new and existing solutions. Our clients benefit from our experience and understanding of various technologies as well as our experience with a variety of vendors.  
  • Implementation: Our team will monitor progress to ensure a timely and successful implementation from the kick-off meeting to final testing. Barney & Barney’s Tech Advisor team will be available to assist in addressing any early challenges.
  • Project Management: Continuing oversight of existing systems is just as important as proper implementation. Once you are up and running with your new program, the Tech Advisor team can assist with trouble-shooting and researching any issues that may arise.

The Tech Advisor team can offer help in any or all of these areas and at any point in the process. 

How It Works

Current clients are already seeing greater success by utilizing the Tech Advisor team’s expertise. Here are two examples:

Recently, a client was unhappy with their current online benefit enrollment system because they had encountered some customer service issues during open enrollment. The Tech Advisor team stepped in by soliciting several benefit administration proposals and then did a side-by-side comparison of cost and system features. As a result, the client chose a new solution identified in our analysis. That solution is improving benefit administration workflow, as well as consolidating payroll, HRIS, ACA, and benefits modules into an ‘all-in-one’ system.

In another instance, the Tech Advisor team helped resolve ongoing system issues. The client was having a problem with new and existing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) files. After a review, MMA's Tech Advisor team offered a series of recommendations that quickly addressed the problem. In the process, the team also identified a number of potential issues and offered several recommendations to prevent enrollment eligibility issues in the future.

Technology is an important investment – one of the most expensive and mission critical investments any organization can undertake. To make the best decisions, it helps to have a partner who can offer expert, unbiased advice.

Learn More

To learn more, contact MMA's Tech Advisor team lead,, or call 949.900.2247.

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