Why Recent Grads Should Consider Insurance

Posted by Paul Hering, CEO, West Region on April 20, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Recent grads don’t typically think of insurance when considering careers. But they should. The insurance industry is one of the largest financial service industries in the world – employing over 3 million people worldwide and contributing over $1 trillion dollars to the US economy annually.

Insurance provides a structure for capitalism, a backbone that allows entrepreneurs to take risks, start companies, hire employees and contribute to our economy in a way not many other sectors can. With emerging risks like cyber security threats and legislative changes like health care reform, the industry continues to grow and new opportunities continue to develop.

All of this makes insurance a challenging, fulfilling and lucrative career option. I would say the insurance industry is one of the job market’s best kept secrets. Recent grads who are exploring career options should consider these three factors:

1. Job Stability

There really is no better industry to be in when it comes to job stability because every company and every person needs insurance. The unthinkable and unexpected happens all of the time, whether it is a sudden fire, a work injury, or a data security breach. Insurance brokers help employers not only recover from catastrophic losses but avoid them altogether. On top of that, companies see immense value in providing their employees with health benefits such as medical, dental and vision to not only set their business apart from their competitors but recruit top talent. The need for insurance isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

2. Engaging Environment

The first thing people generally think when they hear about a career in insurance is that it’s boring. However, it’s actually the complete opposite. Insurance can be the most dynamic, challenging and engaging career you can have. Our service and sales associates strategize with their clients, working with them to make a meaningful impact on their businesses and their employees. Our clients span many different industries, from construction to technology, and learning about their businesses and the risks they face can be a very challenging, yet rewarding process. The relationships we form with our clients go well beyond an annual transaction.

3. All Degrees Welcome

You don’t need a specific degree to begin a career in insurance. We look for core characteristics like integrity, passion and innovation. We recognize that no single field of study has a corner on the market when it comes to quality students. This is good news for hardworking graduates who are not sure which career path they will take.  

A career in insurance is one of the best opportunities available to a new college grad. Not knowing about the opportunity is perhaps the biggest obstacle.  

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