Why You Need An Employee Benefits App

Posted by Madalyn Altschuler, Regional Manager, Client Programs on April 27, 2015 at 10:00 AM

How much would your employees appreciate a cool new, employee benefits app?

Consider the following:

  • Over 70% of the U.S. population owns a smartphone¹
  • Mobile users check those smartphones 40 to 100 times each day¹
  • Four out of five smartphone users wake up and look at their phone within 15 minutes¹

Benefits for All

Today, an easy-to-use benefits app, fully branded with your corporate identity, is one of the best ways for employees to understand their benefit options and for employers to communicate their benefits programs.

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For employers, a benefits app reduces costs, streamlines benefits communication and creates buy-in from employees, who are much more likely to turn to their smartphone for information than anyplace else.

A well-designed, fully-featured app can save your Human Resources team time and also further shift resources to mobile delivery from traditional paper-based employee communications.

A Digital Swiss-Army Knife

An app can store an organization’s entire benefits guide, as well as plan summaries for each benefit offered. For communicating throughout the year, an app can send “push notifications” to employees highlighting important plan changes or other relevant benefits program information. An FAQ residing in the app can also ease the workload on your HR team and minimize inquiries to a call center by making information readily available.

The potential costs savings and process improvements can be significant. Printed directories can cost upward of $3 each. Even if only half of your staff opted against receiving a printed directory, the savings could be substantial.

At the same time, digital delivery of materials – directories, letters and other communications – reduce the organization’s carbon footprint. For companies with corporate responsibility initiatives, an app can make your company greener.

An App: Better for Employees

For employees, an app is a big convenience.

All of an employee’s benefit information can be stored in a single location. This provides employees easy access to group numbers, insurance carrier’s phone numbers, as well as to insurance company websites.

When an employee is at a physician’s office, an app can provide the information that might otherwise require a call or two. An employee’s family members can also download the app and enjoy all of the same features, free of charge.

Because people almost always have their smartphone on them or nearby, it’s a resource that Human Resources teams can rely to become more efficient and make employees happier.


Try MMA's New iBenefits App

MMA's new, highly intuitive iBenefits app can help HR managers strengthen their benefits communications. A major upgrade from its previous version, iBenefits is a turnkey solution from MMA that is ready to be deployed by your team. The app is delivered fully branded with your corporate identity and is uploaded with all of your company’s benefits program information. With minimal training from MMA, you can quickly roll out iBenefits to your own employees.

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¹Based on results published by Mobile Health Consumer

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